New Single Preview – Amanda

Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells (ADRD), the celestial emissaries have risen as one of the most exciting new rock-pop bands of the last few years and they are set out to unleash their brand new single in the next few weeks.

‘Amanda’ is the title of their latest hit and it might be one of their best yet. We have had special access to listen to it first and we can’t wait for the rest of you to hear it!

It’s a mixture between their iconic guitar-driven sound and anthemic crowd-infusing vocal melodies, that all build up into an incredible final take-off. ADRD, have been spending the last few months building up to their second album after their stellar debut. This might be the single that it has all been building up to. 

There are still a few weeks until it is out, but until then go listen to some of their latest releases, including, ‘Hello 2 You’, ‘Big Old Nowhere’, or their last single that brings awareness around mental health ‘Are You Crazy’.

You can listen to ‘Amanda’ on the 21st of July on all streaming services.

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