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Sometimes the coolest band monikers come from the most unlikely places – or long-ago throwaway comments you can’t get out of your mind. For the deeply soulful, compulsively melodic, often tempo shifting, sparkling pop meets edgy rock with a splash of blues UK and U.S. based trio of Dorian Foyil (vocals, guitar), Adam King (lead and backing vocals) and Christian Pearl (keyboards, backing vocals), the name Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells came from Dorian.

Some years ago, he and his then six-year-old son were on an NYC subway platform and an old, disheveled man turned to the boy and said, apropos of nothing, “It’s because aliens don’t ring doorbells.” Next time those creatures knock on your door, you could do worse than greeting them and tickling their ears with Arrival, the band’s seductively engaging, poppy but edgy, lyrically thoughtful, romantic, playful and poetic debut.

Written in the Bahamas, with tracks produced in Denver by the all-star cast of Jeff Kanan (Kelly Clarkson, No Doubt, Sting), Matthew Tryba (One Republic, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift) and Dan Konopka (drummer of OK Go), the 12 track collection is freewheeling fun personified, yet tighter and more efficient than you might expect from a batch of old pals who just decided to pool their resources to create collective magic last summer.

The first lead single and video, the inspiring family legacy anthem “Story,” is a lush, vocal harmony driven slice of heavenly classic rock influences. Yet it only showcases one aspect of the band’s expansive stylistic palette, which runs from the lighthearted, piano pounding pop of “The Heart Is In Her Eyes” and the feisty punch of the opening rocker “Consummation” to the dreamy lovelorn pop of “It’s Your Night” and the witty, crisp and crackling “Daddy’s Blues” – which is loaded deep with fast car metaphors and includes a playful female rap.

While keeping in mind that while perhaps Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells, you’ll feel comfortable sharing the good news of the band’s Arrival with your pop/rock loving neighbors and friends.

Listen to “Story” here:


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