Interveiw with the Band

As the Aliens settle down at the iconic RAK Studios in London, they strap in for a recording session for album number two. Alongside the release of a new single, ‘Big Old Nowhere,’ the pop rock formation aliensdontringdoorbells are in full work mode to produce the best record possible. 

Dorian and Adam bring ReVamp behind the scenes with their latest music video, ‘Hello 2 You,’ plans for the future and backstory to their stage name. Read our interview below. 

Hello Aliens, thank you for catching up with us, how are you both doing today?

Dorian: We’re doing great and it’s an honour to have an opportunity to catch up with ReVamp magazine and your readers. 

Adam: We’re writing at the moment and soon we will be recording in London again but this time we will be at the iconic RAK Studios near Regents Park which is very exciting.

How did you come up with the stage name aliensdontringdoorbells?

Dorian: Some years ago, I was on a NY subway platform with my 6 year old son at the time waiting for the train, an old man wandering the subway platform seemingly talking to himself suddenly stopped turned and said to my son Zach, “it’s because aliens don’t ring doorbells”, and just like that he turned and walked away resuming his one-way conversation down the platform. I just remembered it and thought it would make a great band name plus, I believe it!

How do your studio sessions usually look like?

Adam: That’s a very timely question for us because, as I mentioned we will be in the recording studio very shortly. We always look forward to recording, it’s actually a career highlight for us to get in the studio and make new Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells music.

Dorian:  For this upcoming tracking session we will be recording 5 new songs, Adam and I like to work with great musicians who can bring a lot to the table and we are excited to be working with the likes of Todd Chapman former keyboardist with Spandau Ballet on production and the great Simon Merry on drums from Rick Astley’s touring band and of course Mark Boden the keyboardist and singer who has been with us on all of our tours. This should a true all-star session and we can’t wait to share the results; our new album is due out in March 2023.

What would you say is different about this new wave of releases compared to your debut album ‘Arrival’?

Adam: The 1st album, Arrival, was recorded in the USA with largely US engineers and producers, our new effort is different as we are recording it in Europe, mainly the UK and in Spain.  So if you listen to say Hello 2 You you will notice a distinctive production style which is the result of recording in Spain with the well known Barcelona based producer Marc Martin. Then if you listen to our new Single (out October 21st) called ‘Big Old Nowhere’ you will see the influence of a London recording with production from Roy Stride of Scouting For Girls. So I would say we tried to incorporate new musical ideas by working with different people no matter where they are based in the world.

How was the filming of the ‘Hello 2 You’ music video, where did you shoot it?

Dorian: The Hello 2 You music video was shot on-site at Orange Grove studios located in Barceta, Spain.  The studio has residential quarters and we took over the place for a couple of weeks and during this time we shot the music video and enjoyed the most magnificent Spanish sunsets.

What inspired your next single ‘Big Old Nowhere’?

Adam: Big Old Nowhere is all about staying together on this one planet we all share in the middle of this infinite space of universes. We try to get this message across in the music video which we went to The Netherlands to film in a massive film production studio.

Dorian:  Yes, it was that huge white room that gave us a sense of openness and nothingness at the same; perfect for the mood of this song. Big Old Nowhere is a great little dance tune, just watch Adam do a bit of fancy footwork in the music video. 

Is there a full-length project in the works?

Dorian: Our first priority is to get the second album completed and out to our fans in early 2023 and then tour for most of 2023 in the UK, US and Europe.  After this we will start work our next project which we think could be alien-themed rock musical…stay tuned!


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