Daylight Single Release

The new single from Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells is here! Listen to ‘Daylight’ now 

Pop-rock trio ADRD have released ‘Daylight’, their latest single taken from their debut album ‘Arrival’

The sweeping keyboard intro courtesy of Christian Pearl dances with Kevin Dean’s drums and Earl Forbes’ funky bass to set the scene as lead vocalist Adam King sings the catchy chorus “I wanna see the sun, wanna see the daylight” with a Robbie Williams-esque charm.

Dorian Foyil’s electric guitar leaps forth with its bright American tone and the cosmic synths blend well with it to make a summery pop gem. The song has strong production and understanding of structure and they cite acts such as Maroon 5 as influences with ‘Daylight’ reminding me at times of the hit song ‘Sugar’ which also bursts with emotional lyrics.

The way Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells conveys feelings of warmth, love and respect has put their own personal stamp on ‘Daylight’ and it shines like the sun.


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