Press Release

Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells is the exciting new band that crosses boundaries of geo-locations, genres and more to craft their narrative-style release, ‘STORY’. ‘STORY’ is released on the 17th July 2020.

Whilst this band may be keeping their identities relatively under wraps, with only the phrase “we are amongst you” appearing in social media bios, their mission statement for their latest release ‘STORY’ could not be clearer. 

In an impressive feat of storytelling akin to the greatest names in the rock pantheon such as Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, ‘Story’ tells the tale of a childhood spent in the sun. The song sees this international band take the universal theme of childhood innocence and translate the feeling that is touching and accessible. aliensdontringdoorbells convey a truly timeless sound, proving that it’s possible to reinvent the mainstream, and indeed the wheel, long after your teenage years; and do it well. 

When it comes to music, the band cites OneRepublic, Maroon 5 and The Killers amongst their influences. Their sound is an amalgamation of pop, rock, jazz, prog and swing. Nowhere is this melting pot of influences more apparent, or more successful, than on ‘Story’. The lyrics have a timeless feel, emphasised by a dramatic music video – to be released soon – which shows images of a child’s lifetime from a different period, as well as a musical landscape painted with a brush which, although wouldn’t sound out of place for the rock charts of the 70s, paints a picture of sound that is moving and relevant now.

Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells have already begun to build a solid fanbase, even as the Bahamas, the location of one of their recording sessions, and hometown to the rhythm section who works closely with the band, was hit with several life-threatening hurricanes. In the wake of these terrifying events, the band were able to use their platform to put on a performance with proceeds going to charity in order to help the recovery efforts. 

Proving that rock ‘n’ roll is alive and truly kicking, Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells are here to stake their claim on the territory which is rightfully theirs.

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