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Exclusive Interview

Hi guys! Thanks for sitting down with us and taking the time out to answer these questions…

First off, where did that name come from?

Dorian: A long time ago, when my middle boy was just 6 years old, we were on a New York City subway platform and an old man turned to my son Zach and said “it’s because aliens don’t ring doorbells,” and continued his wander down the platform. It’s a phrase that just stuck in my head maybe because of its simple truth. When it came time to finding a name for the group, that old memory of a dishevelled man chatting to himself – if indeed it was just that – felt right as a band name.

Being a band which comes from all over the world, did your separate locations prepare you more for band rehearsals during lock down? Have you been able to keep the creative juices flowing and are writing more songs?

Dorian: We are currently working on a number of ‘play at home’ projects as we think that people, if they like a band, will appreciate these at home recordings as much as we and other bands enjoy making them. I really think this medium of at home recording may be around for a while; it’s a great way to add more content and show people how we play the songs. I’m pretty used to it these days.

Adam: I must admit it’s been tricky, I normally have my phone to hand, night and day, and record any noise, tune, melody, words that come into my head, before all of this it was a little too often, but during lock down, it’s been very quiet upstairs…. I have quite a few songs penned before, so I have had a tinkle at tweaking them and discussed lots of ideas with the guys.

Adam, we’ve caught wind that you host your own radio station – how did that come about? What kind of music do you like to spin on the airwaves?

Adam: Upon moving to Spain, I developed a love for presenting, ( along side performing Live as a solo act and in My band) and Production and moved into Voice overs and advertising. This lead to Radio slots and the main Breakfast shows, moving on, I developed my own productive Radio Station, and from my Love of Swing and my long standing solo show, Adam King sings swing, performed for many years across the UK and Europe to great people in great venues, I then produced my very own, 3 hour, weekly Swing Music Radio show, A hat’s off to the ‘Kings of Swing’, paying tribute to the artistes I most admire and emulated in my early days. Now into its 3rd year across many stations around the world.

Can you tell us a little bit about your first single, ‘Story’? Where did the inspiration for the song/video come from?

Dorian: Sure, musically it started with me trying to discover yet another way to re-invent Travis picking on guitar and it sounded like a nice hook so I thought, why not? So that is the genesis – a picking pattern. The chord progression is a simple one for the verses – which allows us to leave room and develop the main vocals and other parts. The chorus, however, is a variant on the typical diatonic chord movement through the song’s key; which is D by the way. The difference is that instead of going to the 5 chord (A for this song) – which is almost always major, it goes to minor chord and this works as a transition and a mood change for the song. So that was the essential foundation musically. Once I brought Story to Adam and Christian we started to adjust it to our sound and as a result included a lot of dynamics into the composition.

As to the lyrics and message of the song. I wrote the song for Aliens and I had in mind my young son and my Dad and the span of time and generations between us. The understanding that some letting go to allow the journey proceed through our lifetime and maybe beyond is worth considering. Story feels very relevant today as global events have given us a chance to reflect on our lives, families and what is really important.

For the Story music video we worked with the film’s director, Viktor Maslyaev who worked with us to develop vision for the music video plot. He wanted panoramic vistas to support film. He shot using a unique anamorphic lens and camera for a cinematic feel. Victor had a real passion for the story which was infectious. He storyboarded his vision which we all loved and then we flew to Ukraine to shoot it. We shot in two main locations just outside of Kiev. The story music video spans three generations of the same family set during World War II and it’s sad aftermath with the loss of the boy’s pilot father, but it leads the boy – who becomes the grandfather – to inspire his grandson and as a consequence his adult son who builds and flies a vintage glider in a celebration of life. It is a positive message of life which we hope others will enjoy.

Which planet would you pick to go and explore and why?

Adam: I’d love to go to the Moon, so I could truly sing Fly me to the Moon (one of my more favourite Bart Howard tunes) with more passion than any other human…
Dorian: If I could choose any it would be a planet in another galaxy which supports human life; there are many.

Once this whole pandemic thing gets sorted out, where do you see yourselves in a few years’ time?

Adam: We hope to be mainly performing, as that is our true passion, and we are established live performers, most of us doing it full time, for over 30 years, it’s what we do. We will have our second album out by the end of 2021 also, and then just hoping to get out and see the fans and followers to perform our music to them live, it’s what I love most about this industry… That performance buzz, you can’t beat it…


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