August 2020 Issue

aliensdontringdoorbells in the latest print edition of Maverick Magazine
Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells in the latest print edition of Maverick Magazine

One way of standing out in a very congested musical scene is to have a name that is so different, it makes absolutely everyone stop and think. As such, enter Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells – a three-piece concocted of Dorian Foyil (guitar, sax, backing vocals), Adam King (lead and some backing vocals) and Christian Pearl (keyboards and backing vocals) that are ready to leave their mark.

The name itself came as a result of Foyil overhearing a conversation between an older man and his toddler, saying “it’s because aliens don’t ring doorbells” to his younger companion, at which point it was pitched as a name and the band ran with it.

They weren’t alone in getting excited, as the group – pretty much overnight – have built up a strong audience and a very respectable impact on streaming apps, while also making some waves with the charts, too….

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