They Are Amongst Us!

Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells have accepted their mission to walk amongst us so that they can tell us a ‘Story’ with a new single scheduled to touch down in July.

Telling the tale of a childhood in the sun, ‘Story’ connects with the listener due to its pop sensibilities and thought-provoking lyrics that remind us that pain and loss define us as much as happiness or love does. Everything has its time and everything ends but it is the memories and stories that live forever.

Recorded in the Bahamas, Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells enlisted people in the hometown to be the rhythm section and even the location was being hit by several hurricanes, the band were able to put on a performance to raise money for the recovery efforts as a way of saying thank you for the love and hospitality that had been afforded to them.

Keep your eyes open for more from Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells coming soon…

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