The aliens return – going galactic

In the latest in our series of chats with the acts on the bill at Gateways, the next act to come knocking at our festival door are Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells. To mark their arrival (also the name of their excellent first album) and with a Battle of The Bands appearance from 2021 also in the bag, we caught up with the band who are clearly ready for another slice of the Gateways action in July.

So with the sun beaming nearly as bright as your ‘I’ve done Gateways before’ trophy, it seems only right and surely there is nobody better to ask – what’s your three festival essentials?

“Nothing makes us happier than playing in front of an enthusiastic crowd and Gateways Festival 2021 attracted a terrific supporting crowd. People should come for a great time but here are the three Alien festival essentials.”

“Wellies – these boots are essential for keeping the party going regardless of Yorkshire weather.”

“Come hungry – There are so many wonderful food purveyors at Gateways you will want to ‘get a bite’ between the great performances.”

“Bring the kids – This is the weekend to do it. They’ll have a great time on the rides and activities while you’re rocking out.”

We can certainly forecast amazing food and the kids loving it for sure. You only have to look at a few photos from last year and the kids were at the main stage as much as the dodgems. When we all land on planet alien on Saturday afternoon, what’s gonna send them supersonic?

“We are now writing and recording our second Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells album which will be released this autumn. We will be premiering at Gateways 2022 for the first time in public, one of the new songs from our upcoming album; the song’s name will be revealed at the show, don’t miss it.”

Wow we love an exclusive, almost as much as we love everything Yorkshire. In fact you probably know already but Gateways Festival actually gets its name from its location, Skipton, which is known as the Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales! What’s your favourite thing about Yorkshire?

“When we played Gateways 2021 we fell in love with the beautiful country-side and lakes surrounding Yorkshire. By the way, we plan to visit the North Yorkshire Moors this time around.”

I would start recommending places but there’s so much to go at, we could be here a long time and I’m sure you’ve got too much on this year for that?

“We are very excited about the future for Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells. After Gateways 2021, we toured the UK with former Gateways festival headliner ‘Scouting For Girls’ and currently in 2022 we are touring Europe with the legendary Andrew Roachford and of course writing and recording our second album which will be released in autumn 2022.”

So 2021 Gateways Festival was your own little gateway to bigger and better things – What an endorsement for everything about our festival, we totally love that. Hopefully the Battle of the Bands additions this year have a similar line of success as well. Back to next month, What can people expect from your set at Gateways Festival?

“We will be playing hits from our first album – we had two Billboard A/C Top 30 hits in America in 2021 (Daylight and It’s Your Night) as well as fan favourites from our recent tour of Europe which we are currently on.”

So you’re ‘awesome’ in America and ‘fantastique’ in Europe, apart from your excitement for the ‘scran’ on offer, what’s a yorkshire saying you know and love?

“We have a friend in Barnsley and he always greets us with ‘Ay Up’ which lets us know we are once again in friendly Yorkshire.”

That’s gotta be top of most people’s Yorkshire phrase list for sure. Who else are you ‘reyt’ excited to see at Aireville Park this year?

“We are performing on Saturday July 23rd and we couldn’t be asked to play with a more excellent schedule of terrific entertainers, Jake Bugg, The Cast and The Subways; what a great way to spend your Saturday evening – we will be there checking out these acts as well! See you there!”

Indeed you will you guys, indeed you will. Thanks so much for speaking to us and giving us such a build up – you are clearly very knowledgeable when it comes to your festivals. Just don’t forget your compass on your Moors adventure as all roads lead to Skipton when you hit Gateways Festival on Saturday afternoon.

Source: Gateways Festival

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