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ARRIVAL - We Have Landed!!!

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Arrival Debut Album

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- When do you know that it’s time to go full speed ahead? When does it stop being something you do on ...

Arrival Is Out Now

Pop-rock trio Aliensdontringdoorbells  have landed with a 2020 release for their debut album ‘Arrival’. Aliensdontringdoorbells are Dorian Foyil (Guitar, Sax and Lead Vocals), Adam King (Lead and Backing Vocals) and ...

August 2020 Issue

aliensdontringdoorbells in the latest print edition of Maverick Magazine One way of standing out in a very congested musical scene is to have a name that is so different, it ...

SLIPPING AWAY - Official Video


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